Hydrofoil Systems

Flying at high speed over the water, while using 75%
less energy and assuring more comfort for crew and passenger.

That and much more is what we can offer with our hydrofoil systems. Thanks to the use of modern control systems, real-time simulations and novel production techniques, it is possible for Flying Fish to design and build hydrofoil modules for many high speed craft.  

We believe that hydrofoils are the solution for zero-emission fast shipping. Reducing the energy consumption of high speed craft make zero-emission (electric) drives and carriers a lot more applicable.


Less wave Production
Less Noise
Smaller Motor Required
Increased comfort
Up to 75% less energy consumption


Hydrofoils can be applied to
ships up to 75m and 300 tons

Ferries (up to 300 pax)

Yachts (up to 70m)

Fast crew suppliers

Water taxies


Measuring vehicles

Expertise & Experience

It is no coïncidence that 'Flying' is part of the company name. Making things fly really is in the DNA of Flying Fish. We have more aviation engineers in our team than maritime engineers.

In the past we developed several end-to-end hydrofoil boats. We have strong theoretical understanding and an in-house developed modeling tool. With that we design the active control systems that come with
our hydrofoils.We also provide rapid prototyping and validation
when desired.

In our HOST-software (Hydrofoil Optimization and Simulation Tool) we perform real-time foiling simulations for optimization of the design.


We think that the Maritiem Masterplan is the perfect opportunity to prove to the maritime world that hydrofoils are an essential and feasible solution for fast zero-emission shipping.

Therefore we are writing a proposal and setting up a consortium with other enterpricing companies.

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