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We develop smart and innovative solutions to create a sustainable maritime industry.

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Fly at high speed over water, save 80% in energy consumption and ensure high comfort for crew and passengers: it is possible with our hydrofoil technology. Available for commercial & leisure vessels.

Hydrofoil RHIBElectric drivetrain modules

Electric Propulsion Systems

High power and no emissions: our electric propulsion systems are designed for sustainable boats and ships. We offer a compact and integrated system with a power range of 100 to 1000kW and an optional hydrogen fuel cell system for maximum range. A perfect match for heavy duty maritime applications!



A modern fleet requires a data-driven operation that allows optimization of business results. We deliver customized, data-driven digital systems to lower costs, emissions and overhead expense of your maritime operations.

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Our vision is to use these solutions to create a zero-emission naval sector before 2050.

We use our knowledge and experience to design electric powertrains, hydrofoil systems, maritime software systems and other interdisciplinary solutions. We follow the V-model for systems engineering to explore and design integrated solutions for our customers. Our "engineering toolkit" is varied, so we have the right tool for each challenge.

Our track record contains a complete watertaxi operations system, the full powertrain for a commercial hydrogen-electric boat, a modular remote-controlled hydrofoil test platform for TU Delft and a concept design for a new hydrofoil solar boat class. See all our case examples.

Our experienced and award-winning engineers have a background ranging from electrical engineering to mechanical engineering, and from computer science to aerospace engineering. Many of us have graduated at Delft University of Technology and have been member of the TU Delft Solar Boat Team, where we built a solar-powered electric hydrofoil boat. Other team members have obtained the degree of doctor in an engineering field.

Please get in touch with us to learn how your maritime business can quickly move to a green and efficient future!Flying Fish develops smart and innovative technical solutions to create a sustainable maritime industry.  With our broad expertise, we design and deliver systems for electric sailing, energy reduction and digitalized operations.

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