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Water Mobility Systems

We offer the complete hardware and software package for operating water-based mobility services, from on-demand water taxis to ferry lines. Our systems include an app for users to order and pay, an app for skippers to manage rides, a planning system for fleet allocation, and an administrative back-end for business results and management. Our solution is easy to scale with your business and trusted by 700,000 yearly users in Rotterdam

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DyNaMo databox viewHydrofoil RHIB

Hydrofoil Systems

Fly your boat at high speed over water with foiling. Save up to 50% in travel time and up to 80% in energy consumption, while providing pure ride comfort for crew and passengers. It's all possible with our smart hydrofoil systems. Available for crew transfer vessels, ferries and other fast boats.

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Maritime Sustainability Consultancy

Future-Proofing Fleets: Our maritime sustainability consultancy offers in-depth strategies to transform maritime operations. Using custom simulations, we provide insights on reducing emissions, optimizing operating costs, and enhancing service efficiency. A holistic solution for modern maritime challenges. The best part is that we not only give sustainable advice, but we can also lead the implementation of it.

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Electric drivetrain modulesElectric drivetrain modules

Electric Propulsion Systems

High power and no emissions: our proven electric propulsion systems are designed for sustainable boats and ships. We offer a compact and integrated system with a power range of 100 to 1000kW and an optional hydrogen fuel cell system for maximum range. A perfect match for heavy duty maritime applications!

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Words from Customers & Partners

"You listened carefully to us, but also remained critical of the consequences of our proposals. Professional in content and method. It was no nonsense and with an eye on the ball."
Province of Zeeland
"The collaborative, proactive, and passionate approach of Flying Fish has been instrumental in the Foil Design Joint Industry Project. This involvement encompasses the design and fabrication of the intended experimental setups, as well as active participation in discussions within the Joint Industry Project itself and the formulation of innovative project proposals"
Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)
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About Us

At Flying Fish, we're not just engineers; we're innovators. Pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the maritime industry, we merge cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices and broad understanding of the maritime market.

Our expertise spans across fleet optimization, designing electric powertrains, applying hydrofoil systems, fleet operations software, and creating interdisciplinary solutions.

With a diverse engineering toolkit, we always have the right tool for any maritime challenge. Our successes speak for themselves: a state-of-the-art watertaxi operations system, a complete powertrain for a commercial hydrogen-electric boat, a groundbreaking remote-controlled hydrofoil test platform and a range of loyal and happy customers.

But what truly sets us apart is our team. Our award-winning engineers come from diverse backgrounds—electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, aerospace, and more. Many are proud alumni of Delft University of Technology and have hands-on experience building electric hydrofoil boats. Some even hold doctorates in specialized engineering fields.

Let's navigate the future together. Discover how Flying Fish can steer your maritime business towards a greener, more efficient horizon.

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