Electric Propulsion Systems

Sustainable power for heavy-duty maritime applications

High power propulsion can be sustainable.

Our electric propulsion systems are designed to power boats and ships. We offer a power output up to 1000kW with high electrical efficiency to enable real green shipping. Say goodbye to CO2, NOx, SOx and soot emissions!

With our standard modules, we build custom propulsion solutions for all boats and ships in a power range between 20kW and 1000kW. Our electric powertrain works for both new and retrofit vessels.

For short-range or low-speed boats, a battery-only system can be used. In case a higher range and speeds are needed, we can add one or more maritime approved and compact Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems, such as we did with SWIM for the first operational hydrogen water taxi!

The Flying Fish propulsion system comes as a complete and ready-to-integrate set of modules with a fixed width. The standard width allows for easy integration in your ship or boat design!


No Emissions
Low Maintenance Costs
High energy density,
small system
Optimized Motor Efficency
Matching of
Motor and Propeller
Low Noise
range extension WITH FUEL CELL
Live data insights

Propulsion Systems Comparison

Our system can be configured as a Single, Dual or Quad system, depending on your requirements.

Single System

Dual System

Quad System

One integrated system
Two parallel systems
Two parallel systems with double power
Propulsion power up to 250 kW
Propulsion power up to 500 kW
Propulsion power up to 1000 kW
Battery up to 390 kWh
Battery up to 780 kWh
Battery up to 1560 kWh
Hydrogen fuel cell up to 150 kW
Hydrogen fuel cells up to 2 x 150 kW
Hydrogen fuel cells up to 4 x 150 kW
Well suited for monohull ships
Well suited for monohull ships
Well suited for monohull ships
Well suited for catamaran
Well suited for catamaran
Well suited for catamaran
ES-TRIN compliant
ES-TRIN compliant*
ES-TRIN compliant*
*depending on project

Our engineers are ready to help you select the best sustainable propulsion system for your boat or ship. We do this with a feasibility study for your use case. Requesting a feasibility study takes only a few clicks and allows us to really help you with our engineering expertise.

What's Included

We offer a modular electric propulsion system that can use different power sources, such as hydrogen fuel cell systems, batteries, bio-fuel electric generators or solar energy. Power sources can be combined to use clean power under different operational circumstances. The modular design scales from a total propulsion power of 20kW to 1000kW, depending on the operational requirements.

Main components of the electric drive system are one or more certified battery modules, inverters, electric motors, power distribution box and a high-to-low voltage DC/DC converter for onboard systems. The required data systems, cabling and cooling systems are included as well.

The shore-power charger is optional for all systems that have on-board power generation with a fuel cell or generator.

On-board safety

Our safety systems follow the best practices developed in the electric automotive and maritime industries.

  • High voltage interlock removes bus voltage when cables unplugged or components opened.
  • Insulation monitor ensures electrical insulation between the systems and boat body and hull.
  • Power distribution unit (PDU) and vessel control unit (VCU) control the power and safety systems on-board
  • Live data monitoring using our DyNaMo platform


With SWIM, we designed and built the electrical drivetrain of the first hydrogen-powered Water Taxi of Rotterdam, including an integrated data and safety system and skipper interface. This boat is operational since 2022 and uses a custom high-performance Fuel Cell System from our partner Zepp.solutions. Read everything about this case example.

Request a Feasibility Study

We will contact you as soon as possible to investigate the feasibility of sustainable electric propulsion for your project!

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