Sustainable Operations

We offer tailored advice for a future-proof maritime business. We ensure our advice can realistically be implemented and leads to improved fleet performance.

Becoming sustainable as fleet operator is a big challenge. Is your maritime operation grappling with the transition to sustainable practices? Are you uncertain about how to future-proof your fleet while managing changing passenger or cargo numbers and controlling costs? Our consultancy service is designed to address these challenges. The best part? We can really implement the advice we give with our maritime technology partners.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Analysis with operational simulations: Our proprietary simulations delve deep into your fleet's current configuration, mission profiles and operational schedule. It assesses the potential of various zero-emission ships and offers a foundation for sustainable redesign.

Holistic Fleet Redesign: We don't just focus on vessels; our approach considers available green energy, passenger flow predictions, onshore infrastructure optimization, economic modeling for profitability, zero-emission propulsion design, and the integration of advanced technologies like hydrofoils for energy efficiency and enhanced passenger experience. We follow market developments to make sure new technologies are taken into account with their current readiness level.

Financial Efficiency: Our strategies aim to provide both environmental and economic benefits. Our tailored solutions are tailored to give significant reductions in energy consumption, capital investments, and annual operating costs.


Drawing from our deep expertise in fleet management and advanced technology, we provide win-win solutions that yield the following benefits:
  • Emission-free operations: Transition to a cleanerfleet without compromising on performance.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Achieve substantial reductions in energy consumption and environmental footprint.
  • Operational Flexibility: Our proposed fleet designs offer adaptable schedules, catering to varying passenger demands.
  • Elevated Service Levels: With the potential to introduce high-speed vessels, cater to a larger passenger base efficiently and comfortably.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Benefit from reduced capital investments and yearly operating costs.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Our strength lies in collaboration. We've partnered with naval architects, regional authorities, and other maritime stakeholders to deliver results that surpass expectations.

Case Highlight: Our transformative strategy for the Westerschelde Ferry operations led to a proposed fleet offering 75% energy savings, enhanced service flexibility, and up to two million euros decrease in yearly operating costs, all while shifting to a zero-emission model.

Let's set sail towards a sustainable future together. Contact us to start a chat and learn how we can transform your maritime operations into a greener, more efficient, and financially healthy enterprise.

Project Examples

Some highlights of our consultancy work we have done for various happy customers:

Have a look at all our Case Examples or get in touch with our engineering consultants to learn more about these projects.

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