Water Mobility Systems

All digital systems you need to build a water-based mobility business

Our team of experienced software engineers develops digital systems for fleet management and business operations. Our goals are to optimize the allocation of your fleet using passenger data and to report the business results to you.

Directly access the status of your fleet via a mobile app or let our algorithms perform real-time optimization of your logistics planning.

With our technology, we have developed a complete Watertaxi Operations System for all daily operations of Watertaxi Rotterdam.

Discover our Watertaxi Operations System

Dynamic Naval Monitoring (Dynamo)

Dynamo is our back-end solution for collection and monitoring of on-board data on boats and ships.

The data can be used both real time in (online) dashboards or later for business reports. We collect data via our databox with two CANbus interfaces and integrated GPS. The box sends all data to the cloud via 4G.  

The hardware and software can be configured based on your operational requirements.


ON-BOARD DATA COLLECTION and streaming to the cloud
Live motion tracking of vessel
and cargo for safety assurance
MOBILE APPS FOR fleet and passenger management: ORDERING TRIPS, RESERVations, payments
OPTIMIZATION OF planning and

Dynamo Platform

dynamo DataBox

to collect system, sensor and motion data on board

dynamo APP

to track fleet and see operational status


to measure powertrain and system performance with additional sensors

dynamo CLOUD

our database solution to record live fleet data and connect to different apps

dynamo REPORTS

to compare fleet performance over time


real-time fleet location, motion and performance data.

A complete Watertaxi Operations System

Our Dynamo Platform is currently in use by Watertaxi Rotterdam as part of the Watertaxi Operations System. Dynamo is used to track the full fleet of 20 boats and process on-board data for the watertaxi planning algorithm.

Over half a million passengers per year are using the system when ordering a trip, using our robust app or paying via systems on board. The Dynamo Databox is installed in all the boats to support our planning algorithm with data.

A report module shows fleet statistics from day to day and allows the operators to compare different business periods an intuitive online dashboard.

We are currently rolling out the Watertaxi Operations System in many other cities too, so don't hesitate and get in touch if you want to set up a water taxi or ferry service in your city.

Your all-in one Watertaxi system for operations, planning and business optimization

Use the app, website or phone to book an on-demand water taxi trip. Smart algorithms make sure the best trip option is suggested.
The trip is assigned to a boat and skipper and is shown in the planboard software.
The skipper receives the list of trips, it automatically updates whenever a user changes the trip request.
The passengers get on board and travel through the city by water
Passengers pay by app or via integrated payment systems on board
Detailed business results and statistics are generated for the operator

Overview of the Watertaxi Operations System

Live Fleet Tracking

For all boats

Watertaxi App

For travellers

Synced Databases

Manage boats, customers, trips, jetties & more

Cloud-based scaling

From small to large water taxi networks

Business Reports

In the operator portal

Automatic Network optimizations

To maximize your business

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