Hydrogen-Electric Powertrain for the SWIM Project

Hydrogen-Electric Powertrain for the SWIM Project

To prove that zero-emission commercial shipping operations are possible, we developed an efficient and professional hydrogen-electric drivetrain (E-Drive) for a new watertaxi boat. This project is called SWIM.

Flying Fish forms the SWIM consortium together with partners [Enviu] and [Zepp.solutions]. Our role in this project is to design the E-Drive from start to end. We do this by following the [V-model for systems engineering.]

We have collected customer requirements, designed the E-Drive concept, worked out the design in detail and tested the subsystems.

With our experienced engineering team, we have developed and built:

- The high-voltage distribution and safety system that distributes power between the fuel cell system, high voltage battery, AC/DC charger, DC/DC converter and motor.

- The thermal management system, which cools all major E-Drive components and the FCS according to the specified requirements for each component.

- The low-voltage power and control system, which includes the Vessel Control Unit (VCU), electrical switchboard and power distribution to the powertrain components.

The SWIM E-Drive development at Flying Fish.

Currently, we are integrating these subsystems to be tested in the new boat.

During normal operations, the E-Drive uses 30 to 45kW from the hydrogen fuel cell system (FCS). Continuous peak power to the motor is 95kW, in which case 13 knots (25 km/h) can be achieved. To balance the FCS and motor power, a buffer battery module is included in the system: when the boat is waiting for passengers, the battery is recharged.

The use of a 700V DC bus for propulsion means small cables and efficient electronics can be used.

To guarantee safety on board, multiple safety systems are in place. By combining the best practices from automotive and maritime power electronics design, we can now offer a [safe, robust and efficient E-Drive system for commercial applications]!

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