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Watertaxi Network Designer

We developed Watertaxi Network Designer (WND) to predict the opportunities for ferry and water taxi services in any city! WND compares travel times from existing transport options with those of a new taxi or ferry service on the water.
With WND, we have assisted operators in Hamburg (Germany) to find the best locations for water taxi jetties. WND combines publicly available travel time data with in-house data from Flying Fish.

We have analysed Stockholm, New York, Amsterdam, Seattle, Sydney and other cities WND and found that enormous travel time savings are possible.

This video shows you actual examples of how we use WND:

What we can do for you with WND:

  • Load the map of any place in the world. All bodies of water and waterfronts are highlighted on the map.
  • Design a ferry or water taxi network by placing jetties on the waterfront and connecting the jetties via possible routes. 
  • Find the travel time savings that your water taxi network offers, as compared to regular public transportation or other options.
  • Save and load network designs for future use and analysis.

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