Electric Drivetrains

Electrical drivetrains are essential for the energy transition in the naval sector.

At Flying Fish we developed a hydrogen-powered electric drivetrain for different types of vessel. We offer a power output up to 500kW with high electrical efficiency to enable real green shipping. Say goodbye to CO2, NOx, SOx and soot emissions!

We provide custom solutions for all ships in a power range between 20kW and 500kW, both new and in retro-fit.

For shorter range vessels, a battery-only drivetrain can be used. In case a larger range is needed, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell system can be added.

The high efficiency of the entire system is achieved by a well-balanced 700V DC system that is integrated by our engineers.


Zero-Emission Drive
Low Maintenance Costs
High energy density,
small system
Optimized Motor Efficency
Matching of
Motor and Propeller
Low Noise
Optional Hydrogen Fuel Cell
for range extension
Live data insights


Development Background

We designed the full electrical drivetrain of the first hydrogen-powered Water Taxi of Rotterdam, including an integrated data and safety system. This boat will go in operation in 2022 and uses a custom high-performance Fuel Cell System from our partner Zepp.solutions.

On-board safety

  • High voltage interlock removes voltage when cables unplugged or components opened 🔌
  • Insulation monitor ensures electrical insulation between the systems and boat body and hull.
  • Flying Fish has created a customizable power distribution unit (PDU) and vessel control unit (VCU) that control the power and safety systems on-board
  • Safety data can be watched and recorded remotely using our DyNaMo platform

What's Included

To achieve a sustainable and emission-free maritime industry, the option to select a standardized electric powertrain or "electric drive" is essential for vessel designers.

Therefore, Flying Fish has develops a modular powertrain that can be supplied with energy from different power sources, such as hydrogen fuel cell systems, batteries, bio-fuel electric generators or solar energy. Power sources can be combined to use clean power under different operational circumstances.

The modular design scales from 10kW to 500kW, depending on the operational requirements.

Main components of the electric drive system are one or more certified battery modules, inverters, electric motors, a dedicated power distribution box and a high-to-low voltage DC/DC converter for onboard systems. Our safety systems follow the best practices developed in the electric automotive industry and in electric maritime systems.

The required high voltage cabling, connectors and cooling systems are also part of our modular system.

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